Posted by: Lee | May 18, 2005

I’m Definitely Bad at Squash

It’s offical, something I have suspected for a long time, I have very very poor hand eye co-ordination. This becomes very apparent when trying to play squash. At least it’s good exercise! Football I’m OK at, Sprinting I’m quite good at, racket sports….crap! Maybe I’ll get a bit better with practice…..hmmm. 

Well today has been rather long, all I seem to be doing at the moment is documentation for work. I’ve written so many reports the past few months I’ll be so glad to see the back of it. Hopefully that will be soon! Working on getting a new laptop from work, the one I have at the moment is a real brick, hate it, so slow! Makes report writing even more tedious.

It’s past 10pm now, should think about going to bed soon, I have a nice early start to drive to Rotherham in the morning. Still got to pack a bag as I’m staying in a hotel tomorrow night, thats another evening of Room Service and TV. The joy of the working life. Can’t be bothered moving as I ache a little bit after Squash oh and from the standing for nearly 4 hours last night (Tuesday 17th)……..why I hear you asking….why!!!!

I was standing as I went to a Moby concert at the Manchester Apollo last night, he was amazing, played all his classic songs. Unfortunatetly the audience was complete crap, ruined the atmosphere as they preferred to chat constantly, very irritating. Add to the fact that my back was going numb from all the standing, the experience was somewhat mixed. Moby proved himself to be a musical genius and his supporting band (especially the female on lead vocals) were truly superb. Still I was truly drawn into my own little world when he played some of his more familiar stuff:

  • Porcelain
  • Natural Blues
  • Lift Me Up
  • Extreme Ways
  • Why Does My Heart Feel so Bad

All are truly brilliant songs!! I’d love to see him in concert again but with seats and a decent audience. As a result of writing this paragraph I’m now listening to Moby.

Moby was the first of many concerts that I am attending this year, also going to U2, REM and Coldplay. All 3 should be amazing. Can’t wait.

I’m now trying to think of something humerous to write, my brain is one again failing to come up with something, damn you brain! Damn You!!! Just realised I’ve missed "Celebrity Love Island" again, oh dear, whatever shall I do!!

I do believe at the bottom of this entry there is the ability to add comments so if you want to add them, please do.

I suppose I should go and pack a bag now, also want to finish reading my book, I’ve got the Da Vinci code, it is extremely captivating. Dan Brown, the author, mixes fiction with actual fact so well that the distinction between the two becomes incredibly blurred. I challenge anyone who reads the book not to want to go and examine Da Vinci’s painting of the Last Supper.

And on that note I’ll shut up (please try to contain your relief).



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