Posted by: Lee | May 18, 2005

So it Begins

It’s a Wednesday morning, 10am on the 18th May, I’m once again sat in the Rotherham Office, already had 2 cups of coffee in the space of 30 mins.


Was a rather quick journey today, 1hr and a half hours, still, I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have the Chris Moyles show to listen to in the morning. Was most intriguing listening to his views on Celebrity Love Island. Much to my dissapointment I have not as of yet had the fortune of being able to view this ground breaking televisual experience. I suppose there is always tonight, oh wait, just realised, it is all a monontenous piece of rubbish. Is it me or Is that channel stooping to the depths of Channel 5 (Celebrity Wrestling, need I say anymore).


By now you are all (all no doubt constitutes just me) probably wondering what this message is all about. Simply fact is I discovered the joys of MSN spaces the other day and decided I would give this “Blogging” lark a go. As one can post blogs via email it is extremely easy for me to update the site (having said that I’ll probably stop after 2 days, one can but try). I do get lots of random thoughts entering my head during the day so this seems like a good way of venting them.


Should go and do some work now, I’ve got fascinating documentation on Microsoft Operations Manager to continue with. I shall no doubt post another message later in the day. I’ve got 5 a side match to talk about which is taking place a week on Friday. It is with Den, John, Pete and the latter twos’ work mates. FA Cup Final it ain’t!


Bye for now.

P.S. Do you like the pictures of my Cats, I do miss them now I don’t live with my parents.


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