Posted by: Lee | May 19, 2005

What is the World Coming to!

I hate America sometimes, they’ve shut down a series of websites that were posting TV shows for download. One of my favourite websites has got shutdown as a result. Of course I never actually downloaded anything off the site as it is illegal (one would never do that…cough) but I did like to keep a brest of the goings on in my favourite shows. Not fair!!!


Star Wars is out at last!!!! I’ve been waiting for it to be released since the credits on the last one rolled in the cinema. Can’t wait to go and see it, it’s actually supposed to be quite good. Who’d of thought eh!


Speaking of SciFi, just found out the plot for Saturday Nights episode of Doctor Who. You won’t believe this, it is set during the Blitz and the Doctor has to stop a Virus that is turning peoples faces into Gas Masks……Yes Gas Masks!……What the F*#K! Oh for it to be an adult show rather than family. Oh and is just me or is the musical score absolutley terrible, it sounds cheap. The show itself is very enjoyable but the score, yikes! They should get someone of the Spooks or Hustle production team to help, now they can produce a decent sounding score.


I’m still at work, been here 9 hours, might go to the hotel soon, hope they have those little bottles of shampoo in the bathroom, they are most useful.


If anyone actually reads these messages please post a comment, for evidences sake. I doubt anyone is really that intetested in what I’m writing but I’m curious as to whether anyone does actually read it.


Bye For Now



  1. I cant believe im actually replying to that! You been to see star wars yet then? Helen went last night and said it was good.Right, im off to do something a little more productive than replying to this!Liz x

  2. MAN YOU MUST HAVE BEEN BORED !!!!Probably like me at the moment !!! I am currently "working" – in that I mean I am in the office on messenger and "very busy" – o well. Completely agree about the Doc Who music it is sh1te !!!!! sounds like a tacky commodore computer game !!!!! and as for Star Wars – WOW !!!!!!!! enough said really !!!!

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