Posted by: Lee | May 22, 2005

Weekends are far too short

If any political pary offered to extend weekends as part of their policies I’d vote for them in an instant. No sooner has the weekend started it seems to be over and you have to go back to work. With the long works days at the moment it feels like I never really stop. Roll on 11th of July, my first weeks holiday of the year.

Spent the afternoon in the pub on Saturday for the FA Cup final, that proved to be a waste of time, gutted! Outcome was synonymous of United’s season, constant possession and pressure and no product. I’ve lost count of the number of times United have squandered chances to score. Scholes’s miss just typified the majority of his season, crap!

Saw Star Wars last night (the escapism was needed after the footy), went to see it with Liz (the most amazing woman on the planet…she puts up with me). Both of us loved it. All in all I found it to be very entertaining, I was captivated from the start. It’s far from perfect, full of holes and Anakins descent to the dark side does seem rushed but the scale of the film combined with the effects completely engrossed me. Definitely worth watching!

Afte ridiculing the plot for Saturday evenings Doctor Who I watched it late that evening. Would you believe it was actually very good, despite the plot. It was extremely spooky and also a 2 parter, which was great. The 45 minute format is too short for Doctor Who plots. Needless to say, I shall be watching the 2nd part next weekend.

For now though the working week commences, oh joy! 




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