Posted by: Lee | May 25, 2005

Footballing Loyalty vs. National Pride

I woke up this morning to various news reports about a certain football match taking place in Istanbul…whatever could that be I hear you ask.

In case you don’t know, Liverpool play AC Milan in the Champions League final this evening.

Apart from still trying to come to terms with the fact that that Liverpool reached the final after their dismal league performance (it was worse the Man U’s who went out the CL stupidly early…..luck of the draw!), i have been left with the dilemma of who to support.

My allegiance to my club means I automatically enjoy Liverpool losing, can’t help it, it is in my psyche. There is an intense rivalry that exist between Man U and Liverpool, just because. It has always been there and always will. The dilemma comes as my national pride and patriotism means I like and want England to conquer the footballing world. This match is the final of the bigest club competition in Europe, England Vs Italy. From that respect I should back Liverpool. Should they win though, the amount of earache I will recieve as I am a Man U fan will be unbearable and it will go on for years and years. 

What to do, it truly is a sporting dilemma……feel free to add your opinion.


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