Posted by: Lee | May 26, 2005

Well I didn’t see that one coming

Well I watched the football last night. I don’t think I’m alone in believing Liverpool were dead and buried by half time (and yes I was feeling a bit smug, couldn’t help it). AC were playing footy out of this world and were deservedly in the lead. It was the kind of football I saw them play at Old Trafford, clear, concise, deadly.

Second half, that was just unbelievable, it wasn’t the same AC that came back out on to the football pitch, nor was it the same Liverpool. 3 goals in 5 mins (I wasn’t feeling smug anymore), I couldn’t believe it. For the neutral is was a fascinating game.

I would of hated to have been a Liverpool fan when it went to penalties, I can fully sympathise with the emotions, the anguish that a penalty shoot out brings. I was experiencing the same emotions only a few days ago.

Dudek, hmmmm, he was definitley possessed by the spirit of a certain Liverpool keeper of years gone by (wobbly legs etc). The second AC penalty should of been re-taken though as you cannot deny Dudek was several metres off his line before the ball was even kicked.

Of course that is all in the past now, the outcome is commited to history and as a result I was subjected to "You’ll never walk alone" on Radio 1 this morning (Until I pressed the preset button for Radio 2). Bloody song!! 

I use to think United were the master of comebacks, with good reason, the 99 CL final being one of the most dramatic in history. However, 3-0 down at half time against AC Milan in a final, there is no denying that is one hell of a comeback!




  1. So then…you\’re actually impressed by them!? I couldn\’t believe what was happening in front of my eyes…madness!!

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