Posted by: Lee | August 16, 2005

Changing of the tides

It’s funny how things change. You never notice it at the time but when you look back you realise everything and everyone around you has been gradually changing.
At the very start of the year I was still single, living with the parents and doing the same old same old desktop support for Capgemini. Now I live in my own place, have been in a relationship for over 5 months (a new personal record) and am working on IT projects rather than fixing computers. If you had told me this would be the case 12 months a go I would never have believed you.
Similarly all my friends have now finished university, some have moved down south, some have moved to Liverpool, others are on the verge of moving into their own houses, and some are getting married! Everyone is growing up and time appears to be flying past quicker and quicker. How many of you can’t believe it is August already? It’s all quite scary, all of us are now fully fledged adults, the teen years and uni years are now well and truly behind us.
To top it all off…the final day of the Ashes test at Old Trafford got 7 millions viewers on the tellybox and over 10,000 people who had travelled to Manchester to see it were turned away at the gates as the stadium was full. Of course the only reason the majority of these people are bothering is because England are playing reasonably well at the moment, rather than being embarrasingly bad (and the tickets are cheap). We are always very quick to jump on the bandwagon when a English national team is doing well and jump off again when they inevitably cock up (Take the Rugby side for example) but still……….7 millions viewers for a cricket match.
It’s funny how things change, don’t you agree?

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