Posted by: Lee | September 6, 2005

I’m going on Holiday…YES!!!!

It’s finally paid for….well the flights anyway…….I’m off to Thailand on boxing day for 20 days. Can’t wait, having never left Europe in my 24 years of existence it will be quite an experience. Going with my mates John, Pete, Den and Anna.  Still got to book a few things but the basic schedule is as follows:


·          Bangkok – Spend 2 Nights there

·          After Bangkok I’m going to a Buddhist wedding in Surin (not mine before you say it, it’s my flat mates brothers). That will be an experience in itself…I’m told the Thai’s party for 2 days straight when someone gets married.

·          Off to Chang Mai next where I’ll be going on a Trek through some Villages, canoeing down a river and going on an elephant ride amongst other things.

·          Next is Phuket for a couple of days before heading to Krabi to spend 5 nights in a hut located on a private beach, paradise!

·          Finally back to Bangkok where we finish in style by staying in a 5 star hotel for 2 nights before flying back to blighty.


It is quite a holiday in prospect, many thanks must go to my Flat mate John and mate Pete, the star organises of all this, top blokes!


The only downside to the whole trip is the absence of my gorgeous girlfriend Liz, unfortunately the trip was booked before we were together, if you read this Liz, gonna miss you, won’t be the same without you with me!!!!!


To compensate we’re going on a mini break to Paris in a few weeks. Going to do some site seeing, go up the Eiffel tower etc. That trip can’t come soon enough.


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