Posted by: Lee | September 22, 2005

Wait! I’ve got something to write….Football!

After years of wishing and wanting I finally have a season ticket at Old Trafford. It has been my aim for years to be able to see my football team, Manchester United, on a regular basis. I’ve been very frequently over the past few years but never had my own dedicated ticket. Guess what, now I have it I don’t want it. Why I here you ask, well there are a combination of reasons why. The main reason is money! It now costs £36 a game at Old Trafford…£36!!! It’s a stupid amount of money for 90 minutes of football. Far far too expensive. Second reason, I just don’t enjoy going anymore, the atmosphere in the stadium this season is almost non-existent, partly due to the mass exodus of the anti-glazer fans.


It would seem there is definitely a point to the recent debate in the press about the boring Premiership. The last few games I have been to or seen United play have been extremley tedious. Slow, tactical, defensive football may get results (although only occasionally, the last three of United’s games have been draws, two of them nil-nil) but it doesn’t really feed entertaining play. Mr Mourinho may say he doesn’t have a responsibility to entertain but ultimately he does. Fans pay a lot of money to watch their team play and they want to be entertained in the process. If they are not entertained the results are empty seats, as seen over the past few weeks. In reality this has been a problem that has been simmering in the pot for several years and is now finally bubbling over. Astronomically high players wages have forced clubs to put up ticket prices to compensate and the pressure to get results i.e. not lose is forcing teams to play more defensively and rely on hopefully nicking a goal. If they start losing the manager gets sacked. The manager doesn’t want to get sacked.


There are other reasons too, some say it is the "over saturation" of football on TV (thats if you can actually be over saturated in the first place?? To be "saturated" means too much so how can you be over saturated?? Anyway that is another debate). Others say it is the lack of competition due to Chelsea’s bottomless pit of cash they call Abramovich. Whatever the reason, I know that I can’t really be bothered to go to Old Trafford anymore……I can find much better uses for all that money.


What do you think? Add you comments below.


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