Posted by: Lee | March 9, 2006

GMail Drive

The more tech savy amongst us may have noticed that if you have a google mail account you get a whopping 2.7GB worth of storage, now even for the obsessive email horder this is a lot of storage space just for emails.
Well a very tech savy bloke, somewhere out there in the big wide world, had this exact thought and decided to create a way to use that space a bit more productively. The result is GMail Drive. This is a little app that when installed appears as a Storage drive on your computer. But wait, it’s not actually a drive, it’s you google mail account. Yup, this little utility allows you to save files into that 2.7GB of free space that you have sitting on the internet. You can drag and drop files into at will (as long as they are smaller than 10MB) and they will be uploaded to your google mailbox.
For more info and the utility itself check out:

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