Posted by: Lee | March 14, 2006

Why do we bother!!

Sometime I really do wonder, I’m sure we all do, why do we bother!
I recently learned that a person (who shall remain nameless as anyone could read this blog) had their CV submitted to a company on the proviso that they had a lot of potential and could be good investment for the future for said company.
Said company looked at CV and decided they were very interested and invited good old Nameless down for an interview. Nameless booked a days holiday and travelled down for the interview. It seems that the interview went ok etc and said company says they will be in touch. Nearly 3 weeks later and 2 emails enquiring into progress of the application (extremely rude and discourteous), said company finally decides to acknowledge emails. They inform Nameless that they would fit very well into the company but think their skills are a bit "junior" and not what they are looking for at the moment.
Now does anyone spot the flawed logic. Good old Nameless’s CV was submitted as someone with potential, someone to invest in. Company decides Nameless doesn’t have enough experience yet. Not enough experience! Nameless has been put forward as someone with potential, not every skill under the sun. How is nameless supposed to gain "Experience", if stupid said companies won’t invest in people.
I’m sure Nameless is very grateful that said company wasted Nameless’s time and holiday.
Would you want to work for said Company? I wouldn’t!!!! To often these days, employers treat staff and potential staff like dirt. Staff are a companies asset, Staff are not privileged to work for a company. The company is privileged to have the staff. The staff do the work which in turn means the company makes money. One day the big companies will realise if you invest in your staff and give them chance, the staff will work hard and well for you. If you treat them like rubbish they will perform rubbish and you will find your business goes down the toilet. I can think of numerous real world examples where this has happened.
Get clued up employers, treat your staff well, recognise potential and invest in them rather than trying to get the ready made version. If you don’t you may just find that you don’t have a company anymore.

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