Posted by: Lee | March 20, 2006

Yeah But No But Yeah But………I Want that one!!!

I went to see Little Britain Live on Thursday night, it was extremely good.
My cousin had kindly reminded me on Thursday morning that it was that evening, this resulted in a Homer Simpson impression on my part i.e. DOH!!!!!! I happened to be sat eating breakfast in a hotel in Rotherham when I got the message.
It’s my own fault, I’ve only known about the show for the past 10 months and I had somehow managed to either delete or fail to create an entry in my Calendar for it. Very lax by my standards.
Trying to get from Rotherham to Manchester is not a pleasent experience, the route can commonly be described as SH#T. It’s a 55 mile journey that can take anything from 1hr 30 mins to 2 hours as it is mainly on an A road that cuts across the peak district. I hate it.
Thankfully I managed to make it home with enough time to get changed before heading to the venue which was Manchesters Apollo theatre. The show was great, it opened with Lou and Andy…well Lou with a wheel chair and no Andy. Lou had lost Andy and was asking the audience whether we had seen him. In true Lou and Andy style, Andy made an appearance while Lou was busy speaking to us. It was quite an entrance, he emerged from the roof of the stage wearing a jet pack on his back. Hilarious!
Messes Walliams and Lucas then preceded to carry out short sketches involving virtually every Little Britain character they have ever done. The speed of the costume changes was amazing. They would walk off the stage as one character and re-appear within a minutes as a completeley different one.
There was a certain amount of audience interaction too, some poor bloke was dragged out of the crowd by Walliams (in the guise of a childrens entertainer called Des) and was invited to a play a game of hide the Sausage. Des seemed very fond of touching said bloke from the crowd, touching anywhere he felt like touching. Said bloke didn’t seem impressed but who cares, we were all laughing our heads off (in between cringing at the shear cheek of Walliams who at one point had wrestled the bloke to the ground and was trying to pull his pants off).
Marjorie doors payed a visit to run a fat fighters session. She informed us that cake was low in fat as long as you served it on Ryvita. She then decided to drag a rather "Large" looking bloke from the audience onto the stage. She weighed the chap who turned out to be 47 stone (according to Marjorie’s scales anyway) and then proceeded to chant "You the Fat One!". It was all most entertaining.
It was a great show!
Dust anyone?…no…anyone….Dust?….Dust?…anyone Dust? No?

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