Posted by: Lee | March 21, 2006

The French, Digital Music and……….Car Insurance!

In the News today:
The French parliament is set to vote early this week on a new law that would allow consumers to legally circumvent existing software that protects copyrighted material.

This could be bad news for Apple Computer Inc. and Microsoft Corp., which have for the most part locked consumers into their own downloading systems with proprietary anti-piracy software.

Analysts say that the French are on to something that the rest of the world has yet to figure out: It needs to set rules for this new market now or risk one or two U.S. companies taking control of online access to music, video and TV.

Could it be the French may actually doing something useful for a change? I hope so! The Parliament need to come up with the goods and vote in this law. Not because of the potential knock on effects for digital markets in othert countries. More because the French will probably start rioting again if they don’t, cars will be burn out and then car insurance claims will be made. What will the insurance companies do to compensate?…put premiums up of course..what will the French do?…riot some more! As the insurance companies are probably owned by parent companies which own insurance companies in the UK, our Premiums will go up to subsidise the cost.
I don’t know about you but my car insurance premium is extortionate enough as it so come on Froggies vote in this law!

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