Posted by: Lee | March 22, 2006

Budget 2006….anyone spot any difference?

So it’s that time of year again, the time of year where Mr Brown stands up and informs everyone of the wonderful radical changes Labour are going to make that will make us all better off. Aren’t we lucky eh!
The political journalists go crazy analysing the earth shattering impact of Mr Brown’s speach. The opposition parties have a field day and swap petty comments with mesas Brown and Blair over the speech content and when Mr Blair will step down and labour peers will pat each other on the back for a job well done. But what of the rest of us hardworking people commonly referred to as Joe public? Well we’ll raise our head from our work just long enough to come to the same conclusion as most other years. We’ll be no better off than previous years, more likely worse. Why I hear you ask? Well…….:
  • Unmentioned taxes will be going up.
  • Any company incentives you may have will be taxed more
  • The NHS will swallow up more money into that bottomless abyss called middle management
  • Smokers will have to pay more for their addiction
  • And a pint will cost us more.

To summarise, the only thing the 2006 budget will aid is the governements continuing and successful attempts to shaft the hard working joe public.


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