Posted by: Lee | March 22, 2006

Goodbye Old Friend

My Sister has just informed me that poor Coco has taken a turn for the worse and deteriorated very rapidly over the past couple of days. He is throwing up, cannot eat or drink nor walk very far and he is yelping constantly. He is clearly in a lot of pain and suffering greatly. We have no other option but to take him to the vets this evening, the Vet has said there is nothing more that can be done for him without making him suffer more. The feeling from that thought can only be described as horrible.
I’m going to miss you old friend, I really am.
(and for anyone who may think it’s funny, or my reaction is over the top I have one thing to say……go F##K yourself!)
UPDATE: Coco was taken to the Vets last night, he was given the injection and slipped away peacefully. After seeing him I could clearly see he was in lots of pain so knew it was the right thing to do. The Vet could feel multiple tumours which weren’t showing up the other day as well. He was a much loved pet with a lot of personality. At least he had a "Good innings."


  1. RIP : (

  2. Sorry to hear about ur loss. Its a horrible thing to have to happen 😦

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