Posted by: Lee | March 22, 2006

Windows Vista Delayed….again!

Guess what, Microsoft have delayed Windows Vista again, no surprises there then. Probably just as well really, if you have seen the current glass effect interface for Vista you’ll realise they need some more time to sort it out, it’s crap! The interface makes it difficult to distinguish forground windows from background ones and there is a horrible lack of colour. Windows XP has a very vibrant colourful interface, Vista doesn’t.
Microsoft have promised so much from this version of Windows over the years, many of those promises have now been quietly swept under the carpet due to major issues with the Vista development cycle. With every feature that has slipped away, so has a bit of my enthusiasm for Vista. It has become more and more like a very demanding and space consuming XP upgrade rather than a completeley new Windows experience.
In the past I have always been eager to migrate to the next version of Windows as quickly as possible, for instance I couldn’t wait to get my hands on XP or 2000. Sadly this current version of Windows just doesn’t excite me as much as previous versions have. Granted it is still in beta and that will account for the reason it is currently so slow (although I won’t say too  much about that as work on the performace has supposedly just begun) but the lack of colour and presence of so much gray in the interface really puts me off (most of the white areas i.e. explorer backgrounds appear gray/dull white). The colours that do exist, of which there are actually quite a few, are dull and bland. They don’t jump out at you like the XP Luna colour scheme did.
I do hope Vista is improved over the coming months. The current version maybe feature complete but it needs some serious tweaks, including alternative interface themes if Microsoft are to convince people to switch. I’m a complete techy (or geek as some of my friends like to call me) which means I love playing with new versions of Windows. If Microsoft are having a problem convincing me to swap to Vista then they really have a problem.
For now I wil reserve final judgment on Vista until we get closer to the finished article (they have proved me wrong in the past, I suppose XP changed quite radically towards the end) but at the moment I’m just not feeling that buzz of anticipation or excitement.

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