Posted by: Lee | March 28, 2006

How Long Till Easter?

I have to make that horrible journey over the peak district tomorrow, really looking forward to it…..cough! I’m staying away overnight too, you really do get sick of staying in hotels after a while. Granted, I don’t have to stay over as much as some others on the project I work on, but I’ve stayed more than enough times for my liking. Still it has to be done, the alternative is to drive back and forth and exhaust myself (which I’ve tried, it’s not good for me or my car) 
I’m working towards that Easter weekend at the moment, it’s only 4 days (2 being a weekend) but they are much needed.
I saw the Arsenal match (against Juventus at Higbury) on TV earlier, they won. I don’t know how they keep doing it, they are like Liverpool last year, useless in the League (by their standards) but somehow effective in Europe. It’s mainly thanks to a certain Frenchman who is pretty much unstoppable at the moment. I wonder if Juve can do anything in the return leg, they certainly don’t look like Juve of old anymore. We shall see!
Anyways, best go to bed now, have to be up early for that glorious trip in the morning and I haven’t even packed my suitcase yet!!!!
P.S. thanks to the few people who posted comments regarding Coco (Cheers Donny! and Lem too – Not ever met you Lem but thankyou!) Your comments were greatly appreciated.

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