Posted by: Lee | April 3, 2006

Shopping and Starbucks is a dangerous thing…..for me at least!

So the weekend has been and gone, flying past as always. I know it’s very cliche but it really is too short.
Based on the above fact I made an effort this weekend to make the most of it. I find, like most no doubt, that I tend to sleep most of the weekend away i.e. not getting up till late. Unfortunately my efforts didn’t start well on Saturday morning, I just couldn’t be bothered to get up (there in lies the issue of most of my weekends). I blame 2 things things for this lethargic state:
  1. My bed is just too warm and comfortable
  2. My bed really is just too warm and comfortable

I got up eventually and made some obligatory bacon and coffee (it has to be done, bacon is the food of the gods!) and after taking some time to ponder life the universe and everything (i.e. sit on my arse and watch POP video disasters on Smash Hits) and went for walk to Sale Waterpark. By this time Lizzie had managed to go out shopping for some Jeans, far too energetic.  


Anyway, we went for a trot around Sale Waterpark (it’s quite peaceful if you block out the noise of the M60 just next to it, honest!). This turned into a walk down the banks of the Mersey which is adjacent to the park. It was nice and relaxing, much needed too. I waffled lots of rubbish as always (It’s a talent) and Lizzie listened attentively (this is also a talent) with the walk ultimatley ending in a visit to a pub called the Jacksons boat which is right next to the mersey, winner!!! It’s a very relaxed place, lovely food, highly recommended.


Now, as I couldn’t be bothered to get up in the morning the walk and pub visit left us with enough time to go to the supermarket, get some beer and then curl up and watch a movie (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, very entertaining if not somewhat overedited – to keep the running time down). A short day but overall very relaxing.


Now Sunday brings me to the point of the Title of this entry. The night before it had been decided that Liz needed some new trainers and come rain or shine we were going to get some the following day. Amazingly we did actually get up early, we’re talking about half 9.  For us on a Sunday that is seriously early!!! We headed into town with the intention of going to River Island, they have some good footwear (too good it seems!) It hadn’t opened when we arrived, even better, good excuse to go to Starbucks first (So much better than Cafe Nero). One Venti Mocha later and I had enough sugar and caffeine in my system to impare normal judgement. This was to be proved very shortly. We trotted into River Island, which had now opened (the new one in Manchester Arndale, very impressive, huuuuuge) and we quite quickly found some trainers for Lizzie. I had to make her drag me away from the Jeans section as we walked in, I was getting that strong urge to impulse buy. It was too late though, Liz had got her trainers so I thought I would just have a look at the mens shoes, just to see what they have, as you do etc. Doh! I have no willpower. I came out with 2 pairs of trainers…………..and a new wallet???????


Personally I blame all that coffee (sugar, caffeine…deadly!). But before you pass judgement, shoes are an investment, they’ll last me ages. I hadn’t bought any for a long time either, surely that justifies the purchase, …………….doesn’t it?


So a warning to you all, next time you go shopping with someone i.e. to help, not to shop for yourself, take 2 precautions:

  1. Leave your plastic at home
  2. For gods sake drink water not a bucket size cup of coffee

If you don’t do the above you too could find yourself in a very cheerful and impulsive state, carrying lots of bags………..your bank account probalby won’t appreciate it. You live and learn, until I have my next big cup of coffee that is.


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