Posted by: Lee | April 11, 2006

A New Chapter Approaches

A new chapter shall soon be starting in my life. I shall shortly be vacating my current abode, growing up a bit and moving in with my girlfriend Lizzie. Something I’m very much looking forward too! Actually not just looking forward, I’m damn excited about the prospect! We will be house hunting soon (just to rent) and hopefully we’ll find something suitable pretty quickly. I’m definitely not going for a flat again though, selfish human beings have put me off flats for life.

The flat I live in now is quite new and really nice, in terms of layout and facilities. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fully fitted kitchen etc etc but looks can be deceiving. Let the following be a warning to people who want to move into a flat, especially one of the hundreds of new ones that are popping up. Modern flats are built very cheaply, they look good but they are built to a budget in as quick a time frame as possible. The consequence of this for my flat is very thin walls. Also remember you can’t choose your neighbours.

The thinness of the walls of my flat are particularly demonstrated by the extremely selfish neighbour who lives below us, he is truly one of the most selfish people I have ever come across in my life. He has strong liking for a genre of hip-hop music which can only be referred to as badboy music i.e. music which isn’t actually music, just an annoying bass line accompanied by an angry bloke shouting about all the drugs he has taken and the bling he has acquirred from selling the drugs on the streets to homies who have now been shot etc. You know the type I mean. People who know me know I love music of all genres, I have a very eclectic taste and can like almost any record if it has a good tune. The lack of tune is why I just cannot like these records, they are just bass and can only be described as utter rubbish. They provide no pleasure, no escapism, the only purpose they serve is to boast, irritate and anger people. They encourage a materialistic life style where someones worth is associated with how much tacky jewellery they can hang off a body which is adorned with clothes that are several sizes too big (they all seem to have crabs too, they are always grabbing their crotches). 

Anyway, my dislike for my neighbour downstairs stems from the fact that he thinks it is perfectly acceptable to leave his window wide open and turn his "music" up to such a level that it is clearly audible to anyone within a half mile radius. If he does not have his window open he has the bass turned up to such a level that it feels like someone is repeatedly hitting his ceiling/our floor with a very large sledge hammer. Of course, as the walls are so thin it also sounds like the music is playing in our flat. He also always loves to play the music at a time you would typically be relaxing in bed i.e. Saturday and Sunday mornings or just after you have come in from work.

It is a sorry state of affairs that the world has developed such people, people who show little regard for their neighbours or people around them in general and are more obsessed with materialistic pursuits than anything else. It is for that reason that you should be weary of all these new flats, they attract materialistic people who see the flats as a status symbol. The thin walls means you get to share their musical tastes and lets face it you will, the occupants don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves. (Of course they are not all materialistic people who live in these types of flats, there are some genuinely nice people in some of them. I cannot, however, fail to notice the number of posers who occupy a fair few of them).

It is for this reason I want to find a house, not a flat, a house on a nice quiet residential street which is predominatley occupied by civilised people. Nothing fancy, just a nice little house where myself and my girlfriend can live happily together. So roll on July, I can’t wait to be living with you Lizzie!!


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