Posted by: Lee | July 24, 2006

Film 4 is Free!

Film 4 is Free! If you have freeview, Sky or Cable that is. It’s about time really, I’ve been waiting for a decent movie channel on freeview for ages. In the past Film 4 was only available as a subscription channel but as E4 has been so successful as a free to air channel (on freeview) it was only a matter of time before Film 4 followed suit. There are downsides of course, there will now be adverts during movies, this didn’t use to be the case when it was a subscription channel, shame but suppose they have to generate revenue somehow.

Link Film Four



  1. I agree about film 4 being free now,not before time, most of the films on it r on free channels anyway, and if u add to that the obscure selection they show i was never gonna pay for it, it\’s bad enough paying through the nose for sky! But i do love films and the fact there r no ad breaks during them is great. bestwishes froggy 🙂

  2. You\’re right, they did have a rather obscure collection at times. Hopefully there will be more mainstream offerings added to the mix. They should have more money to purchase films as they now have a larger viewing audience so can charge more for advertising. It worked for E4!

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