Posted by: Lee | July 24, 2006

I Knew It!!!

People of the United Kingdom, especially you lot down south, it is time to lay to rest an old myth, an urban legend that has been around for many many years. What is this myth I hear you ask, well it is that all residents of Manchester are Manchester City fans. Being from Manchester and a Manchester United fan myself I have spent years enduring the constant jibes from non Mancunians stating that I should support Manchester city as no one in Manchester supports Manchester United. Well it is time to once and for all put that load of baloney to rest.

The link below takes you to a PDF document detailing the results of a research project carried out in 2002 by Dr Adam Brown of Manchester Metropolian University. In this project he was granted access to the 2001 season ticket databases of Manchester United and Manchester city and using the information acquired set out about analysising the geographical resisdence of the holders. 3 key things were determined:
  1. There are more Manchester United season ticket holders in Manchester than there are Manchester city.
  2. Nearly three quarters of Manchester United season ticket holders are resident in the North West….not London as some would like to believe.
  3. There is double the number of Manchester United season tickets holders to Manchester City in my postcode region.

Granted this survey does not account for total "supporter" base in the area but it still makes pleasant reading. See what you think:

Link: Do You Come From Manchester?


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