Posted by: Lee | July 24, 2006

Windows Vista is now showing promise…at last

As far as Vista is concerned It would seem that with build 5472 Microsoft have finally managed to get the pieces of the jigsaw to start falling into place. What was once a slow, ugly looking, painful excuse for an operating system is now starting to seem like a worthwhile replacement for Windows XP. Gone is the ugy grey basic themes and in comes the new lighter, more colourful Vista basic theme. Subdued but not gone are the user account protection messages, it no longer takes 3 to 4 clicks to delete a file from the desktop and resultantly my stress leves are lower. Vista Aero (the fancy 3D accelerated interface) is now starting to show more promise and no longer looks so bland. Applications work and load in a reasonable time and the Operating system itself boots in a respectable time frame. It would seem the tune up work is finally starting to pay dividends, but of course none of this was ever in doubt……was it?
Click the link for some more info and screenshots:

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