Posted by: Lee | July 28, 2006

Poll: Who is the more attractive and who would you prefer to be

I was just reading someone elses blog and he had posted the two pictures below along with some comments. They are pictures of Kelly Brook and Kiera Knightly at the Pirates of The Caribbean premiere the other week. Both have completely contrasting figures, Kelly Brook has a very curvacious full figure whilst Keira Knightly is rather thin but has a striking face, as shown by the pictures.

The comments with regards to the Kelly Brook picture were "What Men want" and for the Keira Knightly picture is was "What Woman Want to be". Is this accurate?. What I have observed over time is that woman seem to obsessed with commenting on other woman’s figures (I say Woman what I should say is Woman’s magazines, mostly the gossip mags) and applauding the woman who seem to be able to stay stick thin. Consequently most Women are on constant diets trying to stay as thin as possible as they think this is attractive and how they should look. As a bloke I actually find curvacious figures far more attractive than stick thin so I am curious to know what the general consenous is. If you don’t mind, answer the following questions via means of comments please:
  1. Both sexes, Who do you consider to be more attractive, Kelly or Keira?
  2. Both sexes, Who you think the gossip magazines consider the most attractive?
  3. Ladies, Whose body shape would you prefer to have, Kelly’s or Keira’s?
  4. Blokes, Which body shape do you find more attractive, thin or curvy?

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