Posted by: Lee | July 28, 2006

Why I love my PSP

A couple of months ago I purchased a great gadget. I didn’t need it and I couldn’t justify buying it so of course I had to have it. The gadget in question is a Playstation Portable i.e. a PSP. I was worried at the time of purchasing that I’d never use it, how wrong could I be! I use it constantly, it plays games, movies, streams podcasts, lets me read my emails etc etc…it’s brilliant!

Since buying it I have discovered, and this is the reason why I love my PSP, that contrary to popular belief it is actually girlfriend friendly. It doesn’t hog the TV like a games console does, you can play on it in short bursts and it doesn’t involve disappearing into another room like I have to do with my PC. Nope, whilst the girlfriend watches her vast and favourite array of intellectual programming on the telebox i.e. Coronation street I can plonk myself down on the couch next to her and disappear off into the world of Liberty City or race some stupidly over powered cards, with neon lights, at break neck speeds along the streets of made up cities which never have any pedestrians. It’s all good, I get to play my games but still be in the vicinty of my girlfriend so therefore don’t appear to be neglecting her.
Some men may argue that this is not neccessarily a good thing as it means, quote "you are in the vicinty of your girlfriend" but I don’t mind this, it’s nice. Don’t get me wrong, I still disappear into my office to play on my computer (I’ve got an office, it’s so cool, granted the room is full of drying clothes and my computer only occupies the corner, it is still MY office), as a man this has to be done, we are not natural communicators i.e. we don’t always want to sit and "talk" (we do sometimes but not all the time) so we escape into our little allocated areas of the house, the areas that are always first to go when you need to store something somewhere, and do what we do, surf the web, listen to music, play computer games, generally act like teenagers (it is true that in some respects we never grow up, but I don’t think that is a bad thing, i like to think I act appropriatley to the situation at hand. Oh and it also allows us to use the excuse "what do you expect I’m a bloke?"). It’s basically bloke time, we all need it,  woman have their own versions too of course, that normally involves a hot bath, the latest cosmo and mountain of candles…scented of course. But there are times when bloke time isn’t appropriate so in that event you can plonk yourself on the couch next to your beloved and bring out the PSP while she watches the telebox. This my friends is why I love my PSP.
If you haven’t got one and live with your girlfriend, get one!!! Trust me

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