Posted by: Lee | August 1, 2006

The magic of ebay

There is something very addictive about that wonderful auction site called ebay. Everyone likes a bargain and ebay lets you get some great ones, it certainly keeps you coming back for more. The thrill of bidding in auctions and winning them can be quite an adrenaline rush for some.

I must confess I have been perusing the pages of ebay quite a lot recently, why?……that little black handheld device called a PSP is why. I have been on the hunt for some bargain games as PSP games can be quite pricey, my hunting has been successful too. I’ve found some great games at great prices as well as various accessories for that brilliant gadget. A lot of the time you can pick up a second hand game in perfect condition at a 3rd of the brand new price, winner!!! Other times you can get brand new games at half price, brilliant. It certainly makes it difficult to ever buy them from an actual shop, why would you when you can save so much money?

Of course you always need to check out the sellers history i.e. feedback etc and make sure you always use paypal to purchase the item. Paypal gives you basic insurance/protection should the seller turn out to be bogus.

Check ebay out at, you can find anything, it’s great!


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