Posted by: Lee | August 2, 2006

What is it with this weather?

Yes I know this is old hat and everyone is talking about it, but seriously, what is it with the British weather at the moment? Last week it seemed like we were in a Mediterranian holiday destination with all the sun that we had, it was 30 degrees plus. This week it is considerably colder and wetter, i.e. it has been pouring down with rain. It is all rather barmy and confusing! I’m waiting for the snow to fall now. I wonder if we’ve ever had snow in August (in modern times that is, the ice age does not count)?

To be honest I am rather relieved it has been cooler these past few days, I find it very hard to sleep when it is still 20 degrees outside at midnight. I don’t like the heat in general really, I can’t function in it. I’m still trying to determine how it is that woman can lie in the sun soaking up the rays when it so hot, I have to run for cover. I do have a theory midn you, I assume it is down to the fact that woman always feel colder (you know you do ladies). You see, if a room was at a temperature where a man could sit quite comfortably in it in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt , you can guarantee that if a woman was to sit next to him she would complain it was cold and start reaching for the thermals. Based on this fact it seems only logical that when said room reaches a temperature where the man starts to slowly boil to death, the woman is more than likely to be quite comfortable and no longer cold. This is why woman can seem to tolerate such higher temperatures than us men. 

This theory, like all good theories of course, can be summed up in one sentance………"Woman are only comfortable when the men are suffering!"  

What do you think of my theory? 


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