Posted by: Lee | August 3, 2006

Is Vista Ready?

It appears that there are many mixed views about Windows Vista at the moment. Some appear to think Microsoft are on track and will meet their RTM (release to manafacture) date of 25th October, others think that there should be another Beta before Vista reaches the release candidate stage (the final stage before RTM). Having used the current build of Vista myself I find it hard to make a decision, there are definitely still issues, can Microsoft iron those out in time? I’m not sure. I certainly can’t deny that Microsoft are making extremely quick progress with Vista at the moment. It has come on leaps and bounds in the past couple of months. The difference between the current build (5472) and Beta 2 is immense, 5472 is actually usable where as Beta 2 was just a nightmare of instabilities.

Will Microsoft meet their deadline and produce a stable, usable version of Windows in time, who knows, the jury is still out. Read the below articles and see what you think, they both make very valid points:

Link: Paul Thurrott | Is Windows Vista Ready?
Link: Robert Mclaws | Vista Needs More Time


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