Posted by: Lee | August 4, 2006

Eat Curry….Boost Brain!

Oh my god, sweet sweet god, I’m actually starting to believe in you….why I here you ask from upon high??? The reason is because the below article (click the link) claims eating curry helps maintain your brain! So your body may balloon and your heart gives out under the weight, who cares about those side effects of curry……it makes you clever! Good enough reason for me…….see you down the curry house.



  1. some1 told me that the meaning of life was 42 aswell….never did understand it!! x

  2. I know, it\’s 42 according to the Hitch Hikers guide to the Galaxy (apologies if you know this), unfortunately that doesn\’t seem to answer all the my questions like why bad food always tastes so much better than healthy food……Pizza or Cauliflower, hmmmmmm :O)

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