Posted by: Lee | August 4, 2006

Why Speak So Loudly???

There is a lady in my office who is on the verge of driving me to despair, she is so loud when she is on the phone!. Everytime she lifts that receiver she feels she has to speak at a such a level that the entire office can hear the conversation (it’s a big open plan room). It is so irritating, here I am quietly surfi………..working away and my peace is interrupted by YEAH…..YEAH…….REALLY……NOOOO……..SHE DIDN’T…….REALLY…….aaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh, just shut up woman!! There is no need to speak that loudly everytime, why do they do it? I mean the phone mic is right next to your mouth!

Most annoyingly, most of the time the conversation is not about work it is about some shopping trip and that skirt that she bought etc…..natter natter natter, or should I say NATTER NATTER NATTER. It’s not just me she irritates either, when she starts speaking my colleagues simultaneously grimace as. All of us are thinking the same thing…….taking that phone and………….unplugging it shall we say.
I suppose I have a few pet hates when it come to phone calls, it’s not surprising really they dominate our lives so much. A lot of people seem to drift off into the conversation without regard for their surroundings are people. For example, another annoying thing about phones, in offices certainly, is the manager types with mobiles who feel the need to walk the length of the office……back and forth…..while they conduct their conversation about the latest financial forecast with Bill from accounts……sit down man! It’s extremely annoying, especially when they are hovering right behind you, their desk is usally at the other end of the office.
As you can tell, that Woman’s LOUD conversation has really irritated me, just as well it’s Friday eh! I’m going home.

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