Posted by: Lee | August 8, 2006

Name Changing, Would You or Wouldn’t You?

There seems to be a craze at the moment, somewould say it’s the latest fashion, regarding name changing when you get married. Some woman are now considering it sexist to have to change their name, as tradition dictates, to their partners should they get married. This has inspired a host of alternatives such as double barralling (using both surnames with a hyphen in the middle), the man taking the woman’s surname and the latest craze (in America), meshing. Meshing involves the taking of the two surnames and meshing them into an entirley new word so that both parties get a completly new surname for both of you i.e. Ashford and Hogerty become Hoford or Ashogerty etc etc.
Personally I’m a traditionalist (yes I know I’m not the one who has to change my name) but I come from a family where my Dad is the only boy (he has two sisters) and of his 2 children I am the only boy. This means I am the only one who can carry on my family’s surname (unless my sister doesn’t get married or if she does her husdband takes her name). Besides I like the sound of being part of a Mr and Mrs.
The woman I have come across that do oppose changing their names have various reasons for not wishing to do it. One of the most common reasons though is the fear of losing their identity? Would you really lose your identity by changing your surname? Granted if you’re a major celebrity then you have a need to keep your name as it is a brand but apart from that is your identity really defined by a few letters? You’d still be you even if your surname was different. Anyway I guess it up to the individual parties to decide what they want to do, there is no right or wrong merely preference.
What would you do?

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