Posted by: Lee | August 9, 2006

The 419’rs – Let’s Scam the Scammers

You may have seen the email I posted a few days ago, the one from the some widow claiming to want to donate her deceased husbands fortune to me. This of course was a scam, an attempt to get money out of me (bit daft really, you have to have some money to lose in the first place if the scam is going to work…anyway). This is one of the many scam emails that are being circulated round the internet by dubious chartacters, usually from Nigeria. If you have ever tried to sell something on ebay you may have come across these Nigerian scammers. They hijack your auction and then send you fake paypal receipts claiming paypal is holding funds which it will release once the item in question has been delievered…….of course they are!!! Paypal do not do that, no money in your account, no item….simple!!!

Well people of the world, it is time to get our own back on these good for nothing low life thieves. No longer shall they rip off the unsuspecting citizien. Allow me to introduce, this site is dedicated to duping the duper, scamming the scammer, basically wasting the precious time of these unscrupulous individuals whilst trying to embarass them in the process.
The term 419 comes from the Nigerian police classifcation for the scams these people carry out. When a scammer attempts to initiate a scam, this site takes it upon itself to contact the scammer and initiate a reverse scam. These scams usually involve making the scammer look like fools and where possible the acquirement of a picture of the scammer (normally holding a rather humerous sign) which is then posted on the website for the world to see. The transcript of the scam is also published showng the desperation and lengths to which the scammer will go to try and get some money out of you, it’s quite amazing.
So my friends, get yourself over to the site and have a laugh, join me in saying:

Link: Wired News | Baiter Teaches Scammer a Lesson


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