Posted by: Lee | August 15, 2006

What a Waste of Time

As you may have guessed from yesterdays post I am currently on a training course. The course I am on is for a product called Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 (MOM). I won’t bother explaining what it is but basically I have been using it for 18 months or so now. So why am I on a course for it…….well……I had it dumped on my lap last year whilst working on a project, I was asked to implement it as part of the project, the catch, I had never never used it before. I was not able to attend a course at the time either (not through my choice), this meant learning the product on my own with whatever documentation I could muster. Thankfully I managed to do just that and successfully implement it…yay for me.
Now, I’m going to have to implement MOM again soon for another client so I have taken the opprotunity to go on this course to find out if what I have been doing for the past 18 months is correct. I’m pretty darned sure it is as the implementation I have been using is working well, but nonetheless I wanted to see if there were any better ways of doing things. Guess what! This course has so far not answered any of my questions, the tutor is terrible, hence my post yesterday from the classroom. The tutor is nice and technically seems to be quite adept (in certain areas) but her knowledge of MOM does not seem to stretch past what is in Microsoft’s training manual and that info is very basic, there are no real world scenarios whatsoever. Other people on the course have been asking lots of questions about the product, can you do this, what is this for etc and each time the Tutor either fails to grasp the question or just doesn’t knowanswer/understand the product and babbles some speal from the textbook. I am finding my knowledge from using MOM in the real world is far superior and as a result find myself increasingly frustrated with the stupid answers which are being given, they are not helping the other students. There is no way you could implement a largescale MOM implementation with the knowledge gained from this course. I have even on occasion been telling the tutor how to do things, come on, that’s the wrong way round!!
So not only am I stuck on a course which is prooving to be no use whatsoever, I am stuck on it down in London staying in a hotel on my own, away from Lizzy. I want to go home!! I want to see Lizzy.

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