Posted by: Lee | September 6, 2006

Windows Vista RC1 is out…almost

If you’re not techy don’t bother reading this post, can’t say I didn’t warn you!
Microsoft has released 2 builds of Windows Vista in the past week. A week last Friday Vista Pre RC1 Build 5536 was released to technical adoption preview customers. This was a pretty stable build, impressive in comparison to past builds. A week later, on Friday just gone, Windows Vista RC1 build 5600 was released, again to TAP customers. Now this is even more stable that Pre RC1 (i’m referring to the 32bit builds by the way). For the tech savy it is feasible to run this build as your main OS, although I’d keep XP on hand in dual boot scenario for "just in case" situations.
There are definitely still issues with this build, but in comparison to beta 2, which was nothing short of appalling, this is a very impressive step in the right direction. Microsoft might actually just pull it out of the bag with this one.
Microsoft Windows Vista RC1 will be available to the public in the coming week or so as part of the Corporate Preview programme so if you want it you’ll be able to get your hands on it. I hear that this build won’t expire till May 2007 and will be supported with critical updates etc.

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