Posted by: Lee | November 6, 2006

What am I Paying For?

A few years ago I purchased a subscription to a service called MSN Premium. It provided a decent piece of client software that combined email, calendar, and internet browsing facilities all in one. It also meant there were no adds on the Hotmail site, you had increased storage capacity, 100Mb online storage for Photos, roaming favourites (in the Premium client software) a rolling subscription to McAfee AV and Firewall, access to Encarta Premium online and various other features, the list went on really.

Fast forward to the present day, I still have the MSN subscription (my parents use the email client extensively) but now nearly every single feature has been replaced by a new "Windows Live" service which is free. The MSN Premium client has been neglected in recent years not been updated for quite a while (infact it has had features pulled, e.g. the online photo storage which was one of the best features). In it’s place You now have the following new services:

  • Windows Live Mail – 2GB Mailbox
  • Windows Live Mail Desktop – Offline email client
  • Windows Live Favourites
  • Windows Live OneCare – AV/Firewall subscription service, better than the McAfee offering (IMHO)
  • Windows Live Spaces – This free blogging site
  • Many More……..just go to

If it wasn’t for the fact that my parents used the email client, the subscription removes the annoying adds off the Mail and Spaces sites and my faint hope that Microsoft will revamp the service, I would have cancelled by now.

Come on Microsoft, make the service have some value again……before you start losing subscriptions!!!


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