Posted by: Lee | December 8, 2006


Well I’ve done it…at last….took a while but it does feel good! I handed my resignation into my current employers (who shall remain nameless) the other day. I’ve been wanting out for a while and now it is finally happening. I can’t really go into why I want to leave as I don’t want to get sued (even though I haven’t mentioned the company name but you never know). Come the new year I’ll have a new start, perfect timing!
2006 has been a year of change, I’ve moved out of my flat and into a house with my girlfriend Lizzie (which is working out wonderfully) and now I’m changing jobs. If you had told me this at the start of the year I don’t think I would have believed you but there we go. I guess if there is one constant in life it is the fact that things will change. Everything always changes. Some people don’t want it to but at times it is unavoidable. Sometimes it is for the better sometimes for the worse, I always hope it will be the former!
Here’s to a good Christmas for everyone and a fresh start to the New Year!!

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