Posted by: Lee | January 26, 2007

New Beginnings

Well it’s new year and it’s a new start. I started my new job 2 weeks ago,so far it’s going well. It really is lovely to be away from the stifling atmosphere of my last employers. Everyone was so fed up of the way they hadbeen treated. They didn’t feel valued or taken advantage if, this includesme!

That is what gets me about some employers these days, they seem to think they are the be all and end all, that the staff should be honoured to work for them etc. In fact it is the reverse, the company should realise that they are lucky to have the staff that they do. Staff are the key element, without them there is no business. My old employers are now faced with the situation where all the staff are leaving or are looking to leave. That’s a lot of skills to lose!!

As for my new employers, they have a completely different approach, they recognise the importance of happy staff, they acknowledge them…….oh and I don’t have to travel to Rotherham anymore, wahoo! Instead I travel to a quaint out of town site which is about a 30 minute drive from home. It’s quite a picturesque location really. Moving on was definitely the right decision.

Here’s to a new year and new beginnings!


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