Posted by: Lee | May 18, 2007

Spider-Man 3……Oh Dear!

I saw Spider-Man 3 last weekend…………what a load of tosh! I wasn’t expecting anything amazing having read several reviews, but could it be that bad? After all critics are usually (excuse the pun) overly critical and the first two films were extremely good. Bad news….it was!

Having sat through the 140 minute duration of the current web-slinger’s installment, I was left with an overwhelming sense of mediocrity. The special effects are impressive enough, superb at times, but there is just no depth to the story. The whole film drags whilst at the same time feeling very rushed. There is little focus on any particular element of the film (with few explanations) and there are just too many main
characters……….oh and Mr Elfman! Author of many classic musical scores (Batman, The Simpsons Theme, Edward Scissor Hands), what has happened to the score of this film? It was superb on the first two movies but down right annoying in this installment. The Sandman theme is just irritating and used far too often. Where has the main Spider-Man theme from the first two films gone????

Other elements of the film are just down right bizarre too. Including, an incredibly tenuous link used to establish a connection between the Sandman and Spiderman……it really is bad and a magically adjusting neck line on Spidey’s suit. When Mr Parker has the suit on underneath his clothes, the neck line swaps between round neck and polo neck depending on what Peter Parker is wearing. When he has a shirt on the neck line is conveniently round so that he can undo the top button of his shirt without the suit showing but as soon as he puts on a hoody the neck line magically rises by an inch and becomes a Polo neck, what’s with that???????

I won’t say much more in case you haven’t seen the film…..but what the hec is going on with that Jazz bar scene???!! It’s just plain wrong! You start to think you are just watching another low budget parody film.

Kudos must go to J. Jonah Jameson though, his character is underused but when he his on screen he really steals the show, he’s hilarious.

By all means go and see the film, it is Spiderman after all, just don’t expect to be as entertained or as captivated as you were with the last two films. Instead be prepared to find yourself wishing an un-timely death for some of the characters (i.e. Mary (life is so hard) Jane, Aunt (When I was young) May and Harry (You killed my Daddy) Osborne).

P.S. Sony have announced a potentially further 3 Spider-man movies……….


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