Posted by: Lee | May 18, 2007

The Importance of……Having a Bed with a Good Mattress

People say we spend a third of our lives asleep, that our beds are the most used piece of furniture, that we should always make sure we have the right mattress and not cut corners with it. Guess what? They’re not lying…really they’re not. About 11 months ago I moved into a lovely little house with Lizzie, a 2 bedroom terrace right next to a canal. We were renting it fully furnished so it came kitted out with all the furniture. This is where the problems started. All the furniture was fine apart from one piece, one really important piece, the bed. The first night sleeping on it was awful, the mattress was thin, old and generally very very uncomfortable. I woke up with aching back, neck and shoulders and generally feeling rubbish, it was horrible. There was a second double bed in the house so we swapped the mattresses round and gave our bed another try….the result….more back ache! We promptly wrote to the estate agents, who managed the property on behalf of the landlord, and told them the issue with the bed. They informed the landlord and to be fair to him we had a replacement mattress within a week. Both Liz and I expressed a sigh of relief at the thought of a nice new mattress to sleep on, we should have held that sigh.

The base of the bed is a wooden slat pine frame so any new mattress should be nice firm one. The new mattress wasn’t, it barely offered any support to my back, it was completely wrong for the type of base. Whilst not as bad as the original mattress, I was still not sleeping properly and waking up with aches and pains. No doubt it won’t have been the most expensive mattress in the catalogue, let’s be realistic, if you are a landlord you’re not going to spend a fortune on one are you? In hindsight we should have asked the landlord to take away the old mattress and let us purchase our own, too late for that now though, we had this new mattress, this presented an issue!

When we moved into the house there was a double bed in the second bedroom but we wanted to use that room as an office for the computer, so I dismantled the frame and placed the mattress underneath the bed in our room. The landlord had taken the old mattress from our bed away when he replaced it with the new one but there were still 2 mattresses. This meant there was no where to store the mattress that was on our bed, we were stuck with it, as a result for the last 10-11 months I have been sleeping on this inadequate mattress. We have tried to increase the firmness of the mattress by purchasing some wooden panels to go underneath it but that is not really a sufficient solution. I have still been waking up aching all over, my eyes looking like I have only had a couple of hours sleep, with some people suggesting that I look ill, which I do at times. I’ve been halling my self out of bed at half six in the morning, having had 7 – 8 hours sleep, getting into work and looking at myself in the mirror in the toilets and frankly I just look rough!

We hadn’t said anything to the estate agent about the situation as we didn’t think the landlord would appreciate us saying that the mattress he had bought was no good. But enough was enough last week, Liz and I were both (excuse the pun) tired of not feeling refreshed in the morning, not feeling like we had slept properly and worst of all aching so much. Liz sent a to the point (but not rude) email to the estate agent explaining the situation with the mattress and the lack of space preventing us storing the one on the bed so we unable purchase our own mattress. Well yesterday we received a reply….RESULT…we have been told we can dispose of the spare mattress from the second bedroom, which is currently underneath our bed, thus enabling us to store the new mattress underneath instead and allowing us to go out and buy a nice new firm one. Hopefully that means we’ll be able to get a decent nights sleep for the first time in months and I might start looking more alive. I really can’t wait!!

Never underestimate the value of a good mattress, next time you have to buy one don’t scrimp, buy the most expensive and comfortable one you can afford because believe me it can make a massive difference to your life!


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