Posted by: Lee | June 5, 2007

Oh for good service!

It seems that in this world you only get decent deals or good service if you are a new customer. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that their loyalty to a particular service provider is never rewarded. But if you change to someone else or threaten to leave they bend over backwards.

I used to encounter this with a certain Satellite TV provider, they never offered me any decent deals for the whole time I was with them, that of course was until I decided to leave when I was moving homes. It was too late by then though, I couldn’t be bothered paying for their service when there is freeview etc and resultantly saved myself £42.50 a month.

The same philosophy applies to Mobile phone customers, they are obsessed with new customers but don’t really care about existing ones. My contract is up with my current provider and I would like to upgrade my phone, their website says they have the phone in stock, they also list numerous delivery options but when you phone the “Upgrades” line it is a different matter. They have a different stock system and don’t have any handsets available yet, also the delivery options are not as flexible. So new customers can have phones existing ones can’t! Typical!!!!

I would like to change providers because of this but find that I can’t really find a decent alternative package, not to mention the fact that the rest of my family are on the same provider using pay as you go (so for them to call a different network costs a fortune). So what the hec do you do? Looks like I have to wait for them to get them in stock. When they do I have to pay the same price for the handset as the newbies, despite the providers taking a large chunk of my money for the past few years. Again, Typical!

Is it me or is Service in this country rubbish!!!


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