Posted by: Lee | August 18, 2007


What is about the human body eh? It has an uncanny knack to start malfunctioning just in time for the weekend. It’s like it’s aware of the working week and thinks it’s funny to start making you feel rough when you finally get some free time.

True to form my body has decided to do just that, but like most things with my body it got a bit confused. Yes I started feeling rough on Friday morninh instead of Friday night/Saturday. So much so that I had to go home from work early on Friday. I woke up on Friday with my stomach feeling bloated and experiencing stomach cramps. Like a good worker I still went into the office hoping the cramps would pass. Of course, they didn’t and after a couple of hours I had to come back home and assume my place on the couch. I’ve been lying there ever since :O(

It’s Saturday now and my stomach is still hurting, not as frequently as yesterday but nonetheless I’m still on the couch. Typical! It’s the weekend, I’m supposed to be going to a BBQ today and I’m stuck on the couch. Not fair! 

I’m hoping it might pass by later today so I can go to the BBQ. For anyone who knows me and is wondering whether I’m just playing the dying swan, I’ve not eaten today and didn’t eat much yesterday, enough said really. You all know I like my food.

I hate being ill!


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