Posted by: Lee | August 25, 2007

PSP Geniuses

The resourcefulness of some people never ceases to amaze me. It would seem that a group of clever bods have devised a way of restoring the flash memory of your PSP should it corrupt.

For the un-initiated, PSPs have some software stored in them called Firmware, this is basically a little operating system that runs the device. This firmware is held within flash memory (the flash) in the PSP. Sony regularly release updated firmware which you can update your psp with. This process of updating writes data to the flash memory of the PSP.

As well as the official Sony firmwares there are various teams of people out in the world that create their own version of the PSP firmware. Firmware which doesn’t have the restrictions that Sony firmware has. This process of writing custom firmware to the flash could occasionally fail and leave your PSP in a "Bricked" state i.e. useless.

This used to be problem/risk you accepted when updating the flash. No longer is that the case though. With a memory card and a battery you can restore the firmware of your psp and get it up and running. The process involves writing special files to the memory stick and believe it or not, adjusting the flash of the battery. The 2 processes combined mean that a bricked PSP can be restored to working order.

The guys are geniuses!!!!!


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