Posted by: Lee | September 1, 2007

What’s With The X-Factor?

x-factor-logo I’m currently watching X-Factor and to my surprise I’m finding it quite boring, it seems so predictable at the moment. I normally enjoy the show but they keep showing all these sob stories which aren’t actually sob stories, they just play sad music in the background and get the person to sob a bit in an attempt to pull at your heart strings……oh and of course it’s all they’ve ever wanted to do!. You also know that when you see these "sob" stories that person will be good. It’s just too obvious!!!

Of course there are the good bits, namely the delusional freaks who will never cease to amaze so I’ll carry on watching, I just wish they would make it a bit less predictable.

Oh and can someone tell the sob story lot that when they get through that it won’t necessarily change their life, there’s more auditions before you get to the live show….duh!!!!!


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