Posted by: Lee | September 3, 2007

Surreal experience

It doesn’t help that it’s monday morning so i’m not quite with it yet but i heard something on the radio on the way into work which reminded me of a rather surreal experience i had on friday.

I was sat watching the Big Brother final, as you do, and it went to an advert break (as they hadn’t had one for at least 5 mins). At that point a close up of a great big Gorilla’s face appeared on the screen. Ok nothing that unusual about that it’s just the adverts….but what’s that playing in the background….Phil Collins – In the air tonight! Weird i thought but i’ll stick with it. The Gorilla then starts pulling what can only be described as psyched expressions as the camera gradually pans away…… reveal the Gorilla is sat at a drum kit……..K?

Don’t see that often now do you…..Phil Collins is still playing by the way. This is where the surrealness starts. The drums kick in on the Phil Collins song and as you would expect, of course, the Gorilla starts playing the beat on the drums, quite passionately too.
So there i am sat on the couch on a friday evening watching a Gorilla play the drums in time to Phil Collins – In the air tonight. Oh and to top it off it turns out it’s an advert for Dairy Milk.



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