Posted by: Lee | September 4, 2007

The BBC has got its cheque book out

It would seem the BBC are getting busy with their Cheque book at the moment. Cheque Book

They have announced that BBC Two has struck a deal with NBC that will give the channel first refusal on future Heroes series and  content.

The BBC already has the rights to the first UK broadcast of series two of Heroes so it’s quite a coup to secure all future content, should they want it. Especially as Sky are renowned for stealing established shows from terrestrial e.g. Lost, 24 and Friends etc.

I’d much rather my licence fee was used to secure high quality shows such as Heroes rather than it be wasted on endless DIY and self help shows etc. I’m not knocking british drama output though. We still produce some of the best written shows. There are just too many of the cheap daytime shows. All thought i have noticed they have gradually started to scale back in recent times i.e. The BBC have realised we don’t want to watch Bargain Hunt during Prime time. Thank god 🙂

Bring on the Heroes!


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