Posted by: Lee | September 5, 2007

Why i’m not fooled by the iPhone

iphonePaul Thurott has just posted a interesting review on his ‘SuperSite’ about the iPhone. The article pretty much sums up exactly what I had been thinking about the iphone and why i’m not interested in one.

Basically it looks cool and it has some cool features which will be copied by everyone else but it lacks all the useful ones you’d want. It’s  not a ‘smartphone’ it’s an Apple phone i.e. It’s a posers phone. You buy it because it’s Apple, it’s fashionable and looks good.

You can’t change the battery, you can’t use 3G and most annoylingly, and this is the real deal breaker for me, you can’t install any applications on it or remove existing ones. The only way you can add functionality is via apps that run through the web browser on the phone. Oh and you have to fork out a fortune for the handset and also pay for a contract on top. Not good!

None of this is to say it’s a bad phone. As phone alone it’s good but in terms of total functionality it’s limited at the moment. That may change with software updates but for now i think i’ll stick with my Nokia N95.


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