Posted by: Lee | September 11, 2007

Introducing Christmas Culprits 2007

It’s that annoying time of year again, September. There are no public holidays to look forward to, everyone is going back to work or school, generally it’s pretty rubbish in that respect.

Now some years ago various brightsparks in the retail sector decided that September is a good time to start displaying their Christmas stock. Just what you need right? Holidays are just over and some store is trying to sell another holiday which is nearly 4 months away. That’s an age when you are working everyday.No to Christmas

Why did they do this? Rather rhetorical question really. Greed and Blatant commercialisation of course! Call me cynical but i see the retail sector as being on a mission to destroy everything about Christmas which isn’t related to spending money in stores.

Christmas means different things to different people. Personally I’m not that religious so it is not that aspect I like. I like the decorations, the music and spending time with my family watching the Christmas TV etc. To the retail sector it is about bleeding you dry of every penny you have.

I don’t, however, like to start thinking about Christmas till at least the start of December when i go to get a Christmas tree, this isn’t how shops like it though. They make it virtually impossible to forget Christmas till closer to the actual event. They begin selling it earlier and earlier every year. They start advertising constantly (especially to Children, hoping the emotional blackmail aspect will force parents to fork out more than they can afford on some over priced toy the kid saw on TV and absolutely must have), they put decorations up months ahead and even start playing the Christmas songs early. All in the hope that it well get you in the mood to Christmas shop and shop and shop. It has the opposite effect on me. There is just something wrong about hearing ‘Slade – Merry Xmas’ in October. I actually find myself boycotting some stores that go festive months in advance.

I’ve also found in recent years that more and more people are coming to dislike this commercialism. They are fed up of hearing Christmas songs playing constantly for months. Of shops telling them to buy this and buy that and this is the point of this post.

From now until the event itself I am starting ‘Christmas Culprit 2007’.It’s basically just a bit of fun to name and shame all the stores that start putting up Christmas decorations and merchandise too early. See if we can spot in what order the stores go festive and when. Who are the blatant ones etc. Feel free to help by adding any stores you spot to the comments section of this post or any other Christmas Culprits posts. I will add any spotted stores in the comments as there own posts on this site. The challenge will then be to avoid these stores as much as possible and if you must shop in them, avoid the Christmas merchandise for as long as possible :-).

I already have my first target lined up and i will post it soon 😉


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