Posted by: Lee | September 11, 2007

Woman’s Football World Cup

I saw some of the Woman’s world cup today, England vs Japan. It was quite an interesting game, quite fast paced at times. The technical ability on show was also rather good. The female game appears to have improved quite considerably since I last saw it. I didn’t see much theatrics going on either, the woman just got on with it, unlike some of the overpaid pre-madonnas that play Men’s professional football. Sometimes I wish the Men’s England team would play with the same zealous the woman were showing. It’s a shame Japan got such a late goal giving them a draw. I think England were the better side (although I am bias, LOL).

I also read today that the top 3 finishing European teams from the tournament will automatically qualify for the Olympics but England are exempt from this in that they are not allowed in the Olympics as they do not have an Olympics committee i.e. we are Great Britain at the Olympics not England. I was very disappointed to hear this, I think it’s a real shame. Silly bureaucracy!

I shall be keeping my eye on the teams progression in the tournament with interest so:



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