Posted by: Lee | September 18, 2007

A Law unto Herself

I’ve been waiting to write about this for ages but I’d been sworn to secrecy until the other day. A few months ago my other half (Lizzy) decided, in her wisdom hehe, to undertake a part time law course, 2 nights a week every week for eternity, well 2 years actually. This seemed like a really good idea and well suited to her as she has the kind of brain which can understand complex material, apply it and find loopholes etc I know this first hand….I’m still trying to win an argument :O)

Law ScalesShe got her welcome pack to the course in the middle of July. This consisted of a huge set of prerequisite material for her to complete before the course started in September. At the end of the pack it had a little caveat at the end saying it shouldn’t take more than 40 hours to complete. 40 hours!!!!!!! That is certainly a welcome. Also in the pack it stated that there would be a test to complete in the second week of the course, you had to get at least 50% or you wouldn’t be allowed to continue with the course. Isn’t that nice of them…do all this work and pass this test or else.

Well it was week 2 last week and having completed the mountain of pre-requisite work she had been given, it was time for “The Test”. It had been looming like a dark cloud for a few weeks now. We had both, assumed it would most probably be styled as competency test to weed out the people who weren’t suited for the course or hadn’t been putting the effort in beforehand. Wouldn’t that have been nice, after all Lizzy had been putting the work in, learning the material etc so it probably wouldn’t be too complicated. How wrong we were!

Lizzy came home after the test and said it was more like an proper exam, it was very hard, nothing like the samples questions provided in advance, and clearly was designed to last 1hr and 30 mins despite them only having 1hr to complete it. All of a sudden that 50% was feeling like a mountain to her. Personally I always thought she was a little smart arse I would do OK regardless but one of the beauties of Lizzy is her modesty in that she has a complete inability to realise the fact that she is a smart arse :O)

The results for the test were due tomorrow (Wednesday) but they actually came out yesterday so Lizzy checked them last night after getting back from her Monday night law session. I could tell she was apprehensive, she’d been talking to people during the evening who had said they also thought it was a very difficult test. A few had not managed to reach the final question as they ran out of time so were quite worried, which in turn only fuelled Lizzy’s anxiety of the result, despite the fact that she finished the test. Some of them had checked their scores during the day and had failed, others had managed to get 60% though so clearly all was not doomed. I gave her some space to check her results and went and made some dinner for her, then I heard it. A cheerful “I passed!”. She’d pretty much aced it too…… the cloud broke and revealed some beautiful rays of sunlight (although there was never any doubt in my mind of the outcome)

Now the course proper starts………..gulp, hehehehe, but for the time being:

Congratualtions Lizzy!!!! I’m dead proud of you. smile_party


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