Posted by: Lee | September 18, 2007

BBC Football Chants of the Week

Some of the Football chants from the past week as listed on the BBC Sport Website, some are classic!

"We’re gonna deep-fry your croissants!"
Scotland fans singing to the French in Paris.

"Can we play you every week?"
Scotland fans after seing their side beat France at the Parc des Princes.

"What the hell is Va Va Voom?!"
Scotland fans again.

"It’s just a big ******* pylon!"
Tartan Army underneath the Eiffel Tower before our famous victory.

"Lets all have a disco!"
Carlisle United after taking the lead against Swansea.
"Let’s go to their disco!"
Swansea fans five minutes later after going 2-1 up.

"Is your ground from B&Q?"
Charlton fans taunting Colchester about their tiny little ground.

"There’s only one Teddy Sheringham….with a walking stick and a zimmer frame, Sheringham has peed himself again!"
Charlton fans at Colchester.

"We’re gonna win 6-5."
Sung in optimism by Inverness Caley fans after Celtic knocked in their fifth.

"He’s only got nine toes!"
A small section of fans chanting to Steven Gerrard at the England-Russia game.

"Malcolm Glazer’s a football genius."
Sung by Clitheroe FC fans at the home game v FC United. Let’s just say the United fans weren’t too happy about it!

"The moon! You’ve never been to the moon!"
England fans to the Russians. Don’t mention the fact that we haven’t either…

"It’s just like being in church!"
Yeovil fans to quiet Swindon fans.


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