Posted by: Lee | September 18, 2007

Christmas Culprits 2007: BBC Radio 2

When I first thought about Christmas Culprits I envisaged it applying only to retail chains, they being the most obvious and blatant targets for naming and shaming. Well it would now seem that due to circumstances beyond my control it appears I need to broaden the criteria as at 17.05 on the 17th September, yes the 17th September, BBC Radio 2 committed the cardinal Christmas sin, it was just shocking and I still can’t believe it happened……….they played a Christmas song!!! Technically it’s still Summer. 

Picture the scene (cue floaty harp music). I was innocently sifting through the radio stations while I drove home from work when I came across the news on Radio 2. I thought I’d leave it on to see what was going on in the world as I occasionally do acknowledge the existence of it. As the news finished the Chris Evans drive time show started (the opening being that Wild West music, think it’s the magnificent 7 theme) and then he started waffling on about that days theme for the show which was love, cue a snippet of Wet Wet Wet – Love is All Around (oh goody). The snippet finished and another tune started to play………huh…. doth my ears deceive me?? No it can’t be…..hang on it is still September right? I’ve not just driven through a time portal have I??? (Brooklands road does seem to go on for ever). No it’s definitely still September………then why the hec is “Wham – Last Christmas” playing on the radio????? Worst of all, why am I humming it………nnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What possessed Radio 2 to play this song I’ll never know. Christmas songs should not be removed from their CD casing, let alone broadcast unless we are in the 12th month of the year (I’m deliberately overlooking the time I was on holiday with a large group of friends and the females amongst us thought it would be funny to sing Last Christmas on the Karaoke in the middle of July in Corfu….I put it down to alcohol and being female).

I never thought it but currently our biggest Christmas Culprit by a long way is BBC Radio 2!!!


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